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How SD-WAN is empowering digital transformation


We’ve previously highlighted how SD-WAN empowers IT teams and managers by overcoming the shortcoming of legacy networks, like MPLS. In that article, we wrote that SD-WAN was so much more than a replacement for ageing networking solutions and even more than just simple connectivity. As early advocates of SD-WAN, we saw its potential to become a launchpad for Kiwi innovation and digital transformation. This transformation was only going to be possible because Cloud and cloud-hybrid connectivity would provide the infrastructure and scalability it needed. Years later we’re now seeing strong SD-WAN and Cloud adoption right across New Zealand and many examples of how SD-WAN is playing a direct role in helping businesses innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Below are a few examples.

Supporting business growth

One of the main ways SD-WAN supports digital transformation is by enabling fast and efficient scaling of an organisation's infrastructure. SD-WAN’s virtual management enables IT to quickly stand up and configure new connections in a matter of hours and make alterations to network configurations with significant efficiency. This flexibility and scalability afforded by SD-WAN allow organisations to respond to growing business demands and complexity, which can help to optimise the delivery, implementation, performance, and often overheads, of transformation projects.

Empowering businesses with Cloud, Multi-Cloud & Private Cloud

Public and Private Cloud adoption is growing rapidly in New Zealand and as more businesses leverage Cloud-based applications, dynamic connectivity between users and multiple Cloud providers is becoming increasingly important. SD-WAN unlocks the flexibility to consider more than one Cloud provider for different services as well as hybrid connectivity models that combine both Public and Private Cloud infrastructure. SD-WAN’s Cloud-first design enables organisations to leverage true flexibility to craft infrastructure that actually meets their demands and empowers optimal ways of working, rather than trying to fit business needs around a pre-packed or legacy environment.

Unlocking data-driven transformation & improved data protection

Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are enabling organisations to unlock powerful insights from their data to accelerate and empower digital transformation. But these tools require highly dependable, constantly available and hyper-fast connectivity that Cloud-based networks like SD-WAN can provide. With data playing an increasingly important role in business insights and transformation, this crucial strategic and often highly sensitive asset also needs protecting. SD-WAN protects and encrypts sensitive data with extensive data classification and segmentation functionality that ensures the right data protection policies and controls are applied, regardless of where and how your data is being accessed.


Although SD-WAN adoption is increasing in New Zealand, many organisations are still relying on legacy networking solutions, unaware that their infrastructure is impeding their business growth, innovation and transformation. If you’re considering upgrading your organisation’s infrastructure, reach out to our Cloud experts who specialise in SD-WAN connectivity to learn more.