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The Instillery Empowers More Businesses to Strengthen Cyber Defences with Microsoft MDR Services

The Instillery Empowers SMBs to Strengthen Cyber Defences with Microsoft MDR Services - Featured Image

The Instillery Launches New Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Services to Bring Comprehensive Cybersecurity to More Businesses in New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand - May 1, 2024 - The Instillery, a leading provider of IT and security solutions in New Zealand, today announced the launch of its new Microsoft Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services targeted at more New Zealand businesses. This complements existing offerings with an aim to make high-quality security monitoring and incident response accessible to businesses that have traditionally struggled to justify the investment in cybersecurity services. 

"Our mission is to close the gap in the New Zealand market where leaner businesses have been getting breached and have been unable to respond because they feel they can't afford to implement the basics of cybersecurity," said Jeremy Nees, Chief Operating Officer at The Instillery. "These new MDR services have been designed based on our deep experience working with customers in this space."

A key component of the new MDR services is the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint offering. By leveraging existing Microsoft licences that many businesses already have, for example in the Microsoft 365 Business Premium bundle, The Instillery can provide comprehensive security monitoring and response at a competitive rate. “We have found a lot of customers not making full use of the features they are already licensed for. We aim to help customers extract more value out of their existing investments”.

In addition to the new MDR services, The Instillery is also announcing the hire of Security Consultant, Sam Leggett. Leggett previously worked at CERT NZ. “CERT NZ do a great job educating and providing support to all shapes and sizes of Kiwi organisations. We see this as a great opportunity to support these endeavours and make cybersecurity services much more accessible to New Zealand businesses. Our new range of services are all about lowering the barriers to adoption which are often cost and understanding risks” says Nees.

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