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The Instillery launches new security business


Businesses need to go faster than ever in the rapidly changing world of technology. This makes it all the more important to have security services that match the pace of innovation while providing the confidence to execute with velocity.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our security business, The Instillery Security Intelligence. Our new Security Intelligence business is built on the foundation of security operations services we have provided to our customers for a number of years, coupled with considerable new investment to provide security services that are accessible to Kiwi businesses and designed to accelerate their digital journey in a safe fashion.

Security tools alone are not enough. Kiwi businesses demand insight and action, to avoid the impact of security events on their business. They want top-shelf quality, but deploying and operating an internal security operations centre is either prohibitively expensive or just not their core business. Security Intelligence brings enterprise expertise and scale. As our experts have a dashboard view across multiple environments, the data, lessons, and experience enable Security Intelligence to provide a tailored contextual view of what it means for Kiwi businesses.

Investing in Cybersecurity is akin to putting brakes on a car. It doesn't stop you from moving forward, it gives you the confidence to go faster. Milford__ResizedImageWzEwMCw3MV0 

John Paull
Head of Operations, Milford Asset Management

Why have we launched this new business?

Feedback from customers is that they increasingly find that security tools alone are not enough, instead they are seeking insight and action to avoid the impact of security events on their business. For businesses that cannot afford to maintain their own 24x7 security operations, Security Intelligence provides a tailored contextual view of the risks and vulnerabilities facing an organisation, bundled with consultancy services ensuring that the role of security is understood in business terms.

Combining a best-of-breed ecosystem of our strategic partners Zscaler, CrowdStrike, DarkTrace, LogRhythm, Microsoft and Tenable, and overlaid with a 24/7, enterprise-grade SOC; Security Intelligence provides the confidence needed in securing one of our most valuable assets - our data.


Who is it for?

Matching speed with safety can be the difference between a digital transformation and a digital disaster. Businesses are reinventing themselves at a relentless pace as both the opportunities and threats of the digital economy emerge. Security Intelligence is designed to couple the need for innovation with the guardrails to reduce the risks associated with business agility.

To get in touch with the team and learn more about The Instillery Security Intelligence, visit to accelerate your digital transformation today.