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Case Study: Modernising LIC’s Network with SD-WAN

Case Study Modernising LIC’s Network with SD-WAN Featured Image

With more than 700 permanent staff, numerous sites across New Zealand, and international offices in the UK, Ireland, and Australia, Livestock Improvement Corporation’s (LIC) networking requirements were outgrowing the infrastructure it had in place. 

To ensure LIC had the connectivity and stability it needed to continue supporting the thousands of New Zealand farmers who rely on them, The Instillery, empowered by our partners, Lightwire Business & Megaport, delivered an SD-WAN solution that revolutionised how LIC and its staff stay connected.

Watch the short case video below and read on to learn more.


Modernising & stabilising LIC’s network

Prior to their migration to a multi-cloud SD-WAN solution, LIC’s traffic trunked back to their headquarters in Newstead, Hamilton, which led to a single point of failure should the network go down. The Instillery’s SD-WAN solution modernised LIC’s network and now provides excellent stability and resiliency across all its sites.

SD-WAN enabled LIC’s workforce to continue working through lockdown

New Zealand’s lockdown response to COVID-19 created a new set of workforce challenges for businesses to overcome. LIC’s SD-WAN configuration enabled them to prioritise SaaS applications and re-connect their staff to the tools they needed whilst working at home. The ability to accelerate digital transformation for LIC and its employees significantly reduced the impact and disruption caused by these restrictions.

A stronger connection to the Internet enhances the daily work life for LIC staff

The benefits of software-defined networking delivered through ultra-fast broadband were experienced regardless of whether LIC’s employees were working at home or back in their offices. By providing a stronger, more stable direct connection to the internet, the user experience of business-critical applications that rely on these breakouts, such as Microsoft 365, is significantly enhanced. 

LIC was able to make considerable cost-savings which was re-invested back into its network

By transitioning to a multi-cloud SD-WAN network solution, LIC were able to significantly reduce their overall costs for the management and hosting of their networking infrastructure. As a result, LIC re-invested these savings back into their network and further improved its stability and overall performance.