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Case Study: Migrating Tuatahi First Fibre's Critical Workloads to the Cloud


Tuatahi First Fibre (TFF) had been relying on a legacy infrastructure-as-a-service platform for critical workloads for years when they received end-of-life notice from their provider, prompting TFF to review what the future of their infrastructure looked like.

Helping TFF to migrate to the Cloud with confidence

By leveraging a best-practice AWS Landing Zone that was consistent with AWS’s Well-Architected Framework, The Instillery was able to migrate TFF to their new Cloud environment well within their target timeframe. Migrating to AWS subsequently enabled TFF to improve both the resiliency and redundancy of their infrastructure whilst also reducing their costs by taking advantage of AWS’s Savings Plan.

With their workloads in the Cloud, TFF could now turn their attention to higher-value modernisation projects.