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Case Study: Sanford's SD-WAN Transformation: Two Years On


It’s been two years since The Instillery partnered with Sanford to keep one of New Zealand’s largest seafood suppliers connected across the waves. We’re checking in with Sanford’s IT Operations Manager, Brad Watson, to see how things have progressed.

“Back in 2019, we found that our large and expensive traditional MPLS network was holding our business back. To ensure our network could keep up with our organisation’s velocity, we engaged The Instillery to migrate to a modern and stable SD-WAN solution. Two years on, The Instillery approached us with an opportunity to innovate again and we have just signed off the next phase of upgrades to our SD-WAN network with a migration to The Instillery’s Velocloud partner.”

“One of the reasons we chose The Instillery was because their approach to innovation meant they would never stop seeking ways to improve our network, even after it had gone live. We have more than 600 employees across Aotearoa, including some in the most remote areas, therefore parts of our network are outside the range of ultra-fast broadband or decent mobile services. The Instillery knows how important keeping all our staff connected is to us. Several months after our SD-WAN network launched, The Instillery enabled Sanford to leverage leading-edge satellite internet technology to boost connectivity in our remote sites, and now we are seeing speeds of 200mb/s+ in some of our most rural areas of New Zealand, such as Stewart Island.”

“Our latest upgrade will see connectivity and stability further improve for our whole network without drastically increasing our costs. This commitment to finding innovative solutions to do better for their customers is what is most refreshing about The Instillery. Two years ago, our network was slowing our business down. Today, it is ahead of the curve.”

Watch the below video to check out Sanford’s SD-WAN journey from the beginning or contact our sales team to find out how SD-WAN could empower your business.