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The Instillery Partners with StrikeReady to bring AI-powered security to New Zealand

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The Instillery is proud to announce a new partnership with CyberSecurity AI leader StrikeReady. The collaboration will focus on empowering security defenders in Australia and New Zealand through StrikeReady's AI-powered Security Command Center. The Instillery has come on board as the first partner in the region and has a track record of working with emerging technology vendors to change the status quo.

"For us, StrikeReady is all about solving very real problems faced by security teams," says Jeremy Nees, Chief Operating Officer at The Instillery. "First-generation SOARs almost delivered a proof of concept for how security teams could work, but simply aren't dynamic enough to assist analysts in real-world scenarios we observe. The industry has faced real issues with talent shortages. StrikeReady helps analysts achieve more, respond faster, become more proactively focused and also provides greater efficacy."

Texas-based StrikeReady was founded in 2019 by a seasoned cybersecurity software veteran who brings decades of experience managing global-scale security operations centres. With their recently announced Series A capital raise of USD$12M, StrikeReady is rapidly building customer momentum with notable names already on board, including global energy services business and technology company Nutanix.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Instillery, a company that shares our vision and values our commitment to thinking beyond boundaries,” says StrikeReady’s CEO and Founder, Yasir Khalid. “At StrikeReady, our focus is on developing a one-of-a-kind security platform that supports and dynamically evolves with the needs of modern SOC teams. The Instillery and StrikeReady both prioritise delivering cutting-edge technology solutions designed to align with the way people work. Our partnership is focused on elevating cybersecurity technology, people, and processes to empower SOC teams with a holistic real-time view of operations, fostering smarter, faster decision-making and proactive security defence.” 

StrikeReady integrates with a large range of security platforms already in use and enhances the value of those platforms through the AI-Powered Command Center. "This provides the benefits of AI for your security teams across all those existing investments, raising the bar across the board," says Nees.

The partnership between The Instillery and StrikeReady aims to address the growing cybersecurity challenges faced by organisations in the region, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to streamline security operations and enhance threat detection and response capabilities.

For more information about this partnership and the AI-powered Security Command Centre, please visit The Instillery and StrikeReady.

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